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Can anyone help with information and photos of the Seebold designed Tunnel Hull in its original configuration with two Cosworth DFX turbocharged engines. I have been trying to find an article by David Speer that appeared in a 1982 copy of Powerboat Magazine.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Roy Cooper (The Fast On Water Charity UK)

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my name is Peter Howell.

I stumbled onto your 'post', as I looked for any web photos with my cell phone, of the Aronow Unlimited, to show a friend.  I live in Bradenton, Fl.,  I grew up in the San Francisco area, after moving from where I was born, in Victoria, B.C..

The first time I saw the Aronow Unlimited was when it arrived in our shop, to re-fit it with Keith Black Hemi's.

It was a sight to see!!  ...... To make a long story short......  I was offered to co-drive the hauler for the rest of the season.

Going from San Francisco to the Tri-City race ( I witnessed Dean Chenoworth's crash, as I stood with the Atlas Van Lines crew)......  Then we went to Seattle to race.....  We borrowed a space in the Atlas Van Lines race shop to service the Aronow.....  In San Diego, I did meet Don Aronow.

I ended up, after the Clearwater, Texas race, at Gary Garbrecht 's "Second Effort" shop in Lake Hamilton, Fl.

..... More to follow.. but I wanted to let you know, I believe I am the last person alive who spent the season with the boat.

I do have photos, etc.   I do not have photos showing the Cosworths ( your main question ).

If you are still interested, feel free to respond.

( p.s.,...)   The first time I saw the Aronow in our shop?  I was working for Howard Arneson, ( from Sea Sweep to the Skater Cat, Turbine powered beasties ) 

( thinking about it... I may have the Powerboat magazine you are mentioning ? )

Reguards, Peter

It has been a while since my last post regarding the Aronow Unlimited... 

Finishing up on my house remodeling, and now just getting through Christmas, I will gather not only personal photos of the Aronow, I will do my best to get some camera film developed.  ( I have an old roll of SLR 35mm film , un developed, & was taken , using "Seattle Film Works"  film. ( do they exist?)... not sure if that can be developed anymore.

By the way..... I bought  ( a long time ago), a pin from an antique store.  Burien Lady. still with the original 'stiff paper' , it is pinned to.   It is a brass color.


Hi Peter

My apologies for not responding to your first message. As far as I know I had no email telling me I had had a response.

I look forward to seeing what you have. I'm sure someone will be able to process the 35mm film.

Take a look at the Fast On Water website - www.fastonwater.co.uk We are a charity set up in 2013 to preserve the history of circuit racing.

I'm in the process of designing a new website and want to include more on International drivers and races, especially in the US.

One of our boats is a 1980s Seebold tunnel hull, which we hope to get over for the Fall Regatta at Tavares. It took 3rd place in the 1986 Paris six hour, driven by Chris Bush and Morten Bjearknes.

Keep in touch

Kind regards


Hi Peter

Many thanks for that.


Photo ( page 48)... I am in that photo somewhere!!  I am at the trailer, as the crane lifts the Aronow to the dock, and I am there to 'catch" the boat onto the trailer.

( I found negatives of the boat,,,, working on development ( a bunch of negatives are from a "mini camera".. I hope I can develop them also...

Thanks Peter. Very good article. Hope the negs process okay.

All the best


Not sure if you've already seen this or not?  But, in case you haven't:  check out the book "What Were They Thinking?" by Doug Ford. (H.A.R.M. should have copies available)  On page 180 begins a nice 12 page story of the Aronow.  There are a couple photo there that do show the engines, though not up close.  The pages do contain a whole bunch of info on this project, and some of the reasons it failed.  If you haven't already, check it out.


Roy.....  You are one patient man.  Please continue....  I am STILL working on my original photos of the U-19 Aronow.

Also..... I live reasonably close to the son of Gary Garbrecht.  Maybe he has old photos / information on the Aronow?

Peter Howell

Last remaining collectable badges I got at a race. ( seems to me, fans liked to collect team badges)


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