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Hello all my name is Stephen A James, Im the unofficial Production Assistant on the up incoming film  Harold and Lorna I am seeking anyone with knowledge of original film from the 1930s-1950s of Harold and Lorna and/or there famous boat Miss Canada III.


I would be extremely appreciative of any assistance offered.


Sincerely S.A.J.

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We are currently doing a build of the Osborn Models kit of Miss Canada III. Please see our blog post for the link.
I drove Miss Canada III at a show in Canada in 1982 and gave Harold Wilson a ride in the boat. When we got away from the crowd at Rideau Ferry (Ottawa), he ask me "do you think I could drive her?"  I slid back and he squeezed over while we both kept our feet on the gas. He buzzed the crowd.  It was very cool. I think I have a picture of us going under the bridge.  C.

Hello Crispin Ginn:

My name is Harold (Harry) Wilson jr. My Dad told me not to bother with Rideau Ferry on that weekend, but to continue in my pursuit of an outboard championship. I have regretted not being there for 30 years. Did you ever find the photo to which you were referring? Please contact me at haroldtwilson@yahoo.ca if you have. I would love to see it. 

You might also be interested in seeing what we are up to here in Canada. Check out our new website: www.haroldandlornamovie.com

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