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Saw these photos a couple years ago, and have been trying to find out "what boat was this"?  The shots look like Detroit - Ken Muscatel was obviously driving - the name Argus Corp shows on the canopy.  But can't find any reference to such a name in Jim Sharkey's "Hydro's Who's Who", or any where else?  Maybe it was one of those "display only" boats? used only for exhibition? and there for doesn't show up?  Just can't find it!  Does anyone out there recognize it?  Let me know.

Thanks, Rob

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This is Ken Muscatel's U-14 from 1998, the last year he ran this hull.  It was unsponsored and/or ran as Miss Northwest unlimited at the time, though had various other sponsors or associate sponsors for the year.

The boat started life as the 1982 Atlas Van Lines, and after being "retired" (having crashed at the end of the 1998 season in San Diego, damaging a sponson) it was purchased by John Goodman and restored from Dec 2001- early 2003 to its mostly original 1982 configuration.

Hey, thanks Doug.  

Another problem solved.  Actually, I'm very familiar with the 1982-00 Atlas.  But, having never seen a picture of the Northwest Unlimited, or the Audio Bahn as it was called in Detroit in 1998, I just wasn't able to associate the picture with a hull.  So now I know where the pictures belong.  Unfortunately, this happens all to often these days, what with these things changing names at each race, etc.  It's almost impossible to keep up with all the name changes.  And, once in a while, as in this case, they don't even put a name on the boat.  Just a number.  And depending on the angle of the picture, you don't even see that!

Thanks again, Rob

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