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David D. Williams
Executive Director

David Williams began volunteering at the Hydroplane Museum in 1992 and became full time executive director in 1996. He bought his first race boat, 145 CI hydroplane in 1977 and has been deeply involved in all aspects of the sport ever since, running inboards, outboards and unlimiteds. He has driven 18 different unlimited hydroplanes from seven different decades. He is one of only a handful of drivers that have driven boats powered with Allisons, Merlins, Griffons, and Lycoming Turbines. He has also written and published several books on the subject of unlimited hydroplane racing.

Denise Strong
Assistant to the Executive Director

Denise began working for the Museum in 2004, but has volunteered with the museum in merchandising and special events since its inception. A casual race fan growing up, she began attending Seafair races in 1979 with her husband Ken Strong. Ken was approached by Bob Senior to do pit tours which led to meeting the Museum’s founder Bob and Shirley Williams. Ken & Denise were part of the elite group of supporters that used to meet in Bob Williams converted family room and talk about the need for a hydroplane museum. The rest as they say is history. . . . .

Parke Schneider
Operations Assistant

Parke Schneider went to his first unlimited race with his family in 1973 and has been hooked ever since. Parke has a soft sport spot for the less successful boats and has enjoyed racing Casper models of the Thunderbolt, Miss Rocket and Parco’s O Ring Miss. Parke began volunteering for the Museum in 2006 and came onboard as a full time employee in Spring of 2007.

Board of Directors - 2014

Rick Lentz

Rick is the principal at Bellevue-based Merick Lentz Architects, and he has held previous board positions. Rick is also a part-time vintage hydroplane crew member and a long-time hydroplane enthusiast. Rick was elected President in 2013.

Eric Mann
Past President

Eric Mann had served as President between 2003 and 2013. Eric owns three vintage unlimited hydroplanes, the 1980 Miss Budweiser, the 1976 Miss U.S., and the 1970 Pride of Pay N' Pak. Of the three, only the 1980 Miss Budweiser is operational. The other two are in storage awaiting restoration. Eric also serves on the Board of Directors for the Community in Schools group. He currently works at Cypress Semiconductor where he holds many patents.

Dr. Ken Muscatel
Past President

Dr. Ken Muscatel, "The World’s Fastest Forensic Psychiatrist", has been involved with the Museum since the beginning. In addition to being heavily involved with H1 Unlimited, Dr. Ken owns many vintage limited hydroplanes. Ken lead the Museum through its toughest times when it was on the verge of closing the doors and liquidating all the assets back in the early 90's. Ken, along with Barbara Carper, was responsible for getting our current Executive Director, David Williams, on board.

Ken's guidance and contribution to the Museum is immeasurable.

Ike Kielgass

Ike Kielgass was the driver and crew chief for Barbara Carper's 1959 Miss Thriftway for many years. He owns the 7 litre Mercury which he has participated at Region 10 events.

Don Mock

Don Mock, from Seattle, is a well known jazz guitarist, music educator and video producer, and has been involved with the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum since the mid 1980’s. Don headed up the 2002 restoration of the 1982 Atlas Van Lines and is currently leading the reconstruction of Bill Muncey’s Blue Blaster. Don has been an active board member of the museum for over 14 years and also heads up the museum’s video productions. One of the several videos he produced is the highly acclaimed 6 1/2 hour Bill Muncey Story.

Don was a successful 1/8th scale R/C hydroplane racer winning numerous races and championships. He also produced three popular videos on the sport of 1/8 scale hydro racing which have sold world wide for many years.

Bob Senior

Bob Senior has worked for the US Postal Service for 55 years and is currently one of the most senior employees in the system. Bob has spearheaded many hydro fan mailings including the "Hydro News" and is responsible for starting the annual Hydrofest held at the Museum each May. Bob and his wife Karen have been involved with numerous Museum Auction Committees over the years and have been responsible for many auction items you have seen at the annual auctions. Bob takes great pride in the fact he is known as the Museum "Cheerleader".

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