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Chris Denslow photos from our Holiday Stocking Stuffer catalog.

By a twist of fate, my family goes way back with the hydroplane photographers of yore. I met Vic Condiotti. And I believe that it was my father who gave Bob ‘Cuddles’ Carver his nickname after accompanying him to a ‘tie up’ to the entrance buoy entering turn one on Lake Washington one day. I remember him at cocktail parties hosted by my parents, thinking he had maybe the tenth coolest job on the planet, after the hydro drivers themselves, of course. That was over 50 years ago.

Today, we have Chris Denslow. And while the technology has taken leaps and bounds since Bob Carver brandished his Leica in a leaky rowboat, it still takes a great eye and quick reflexes to capture a great hydroplane image. Chris has the eye, the reflexes, and all of the instincts as well.

This year, through special arrangement with Chris, we are fortunate to feature these high quality, high resolution photos of these beautiful vintage unlimiteds in our holiday gift catalog. The prints are available in both high resolution and super high resolution ‘giclee’ print formats. Discounts on framing are also available upon request. Order today!

Here are larger format images for your review:

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