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On our last full day in Doha, as planned, we went down to the pits and did the final prep on the boat for shipment. Hatches were given a final dry-out where needed, covers put in place, hatch screw plates and internal hardware was sprayed down with rust inhibitor, and we placed the big plastic cover on the trip to keep it clean on journey home. Last word is that the boats won’t head out for about three weeks, and then it’s a seven week scheduled trip, so about the time I return from the APBA National Meeting in Detroit in late January (oh, what a fun trip THAT will be!), the boat will be in port in the US, and Nate will dispatch his hired gun to pick up the rig and drive it back from Florida to the Northwest.

All things considered, the boat is in pretty good shape, and it will be essentially ready to roll upon its return. Our Ill-Tempered Turbine Engine is in a wooden crate to be air shipped back and should be in Seattle next week.

Having completed boat work today, after a short lounging by the hotel pool, we went into the City Mall. This was had a very “Bellevue Square” feel to it, with an ice rink, a multiplex theatre, and a Toyota/Lexus Dealership all as part of the mall. All told, there were 5 stories. And like any mall, there was some vacant spots in it. But, a mall, for the most part, is a mall. One of the more interesting stores there was Carrefour, which is Doha's The Place That Sells Everything: The Wal-Mart of Doha. Groceries, consumer electronics, furniture, apparel. You name it, they got it at Carrefour.

And, like just about any mall, you can spend maybe an hour and a half to two hours there, and reach the conclusion that you’ve seen plenty…so back to the Hotel we went.

The F1 Tunnel Boat teams showed up today in the pits and were beginning to set up. A pleasant surprise was running into my old pal Bill Rucker, who is affiliated the Qatar-sponsored F1 Team. It’s amazing how after being involved in this sport for 40-plus years, the names, people and friends you gain, and where you run into them. Putting this into perspective, I had always known as a kid that I would somehow find a way to get involved in racing, but I don’t think I would have ever expected being in a situation that took me on a 10,000 mile boat racing road trip. I’ve been very fortunate.

Well, time to finish packing and get some sleep before a 6:30 AM ride to the Airport. As I close out Doha Blog 2010, I’d like to leave you all with a little entertainment. You can all sing along, it’s to the tune of “Back in The USSR”, and with apologies to Lennon/McCartney:

Flew halfway around the globe for QMSF

Didn’t sleep too well last night

All the way the screaming babies kept me up

Man it was a noisy flight

Went off to race in Qatar

You don’t know how tired you are, boys

Back to the race in Qatar

When we got there it was just another boat race

Just super far away from home

Hope the hotel bellman doesn’t lose my suitcase

I can’t get my cell phone to roam

Went off to race in Qatar

You don’t know how tired you are, boys

Back to the race in

Back to the race in

Back to the race in Qatar

Well the Burka wearing ladies really knock me out

You only see their eyes

And taxi drivers racing through the roundabouts

They’re driving faster than Dave Villwock did to win the big first prize

Oh, show me sandy dunes and spitting camels too

Shopping in the Souq for gifts

Wish I knew some Arabic to get around

I can’t read their hieroglyphs

Went off to race in Qatar

You don’t know how tired you are, boys

Back to the race in Qatar

Hope you enjoyed the Blog. See you all soon, and don’t forget to tip your servers!


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Comment by James Lucian Hausske on November 26, 2010 at 11:30pm

268-R Outboard racers can relate to the "screaming babies" part of your final blog. Ron and Kate just had a beautiful daughter named Maddie whose screams have brought joy to the Hausske house. We hope she brings dad good next season when he races his C stock, 20ss, and OSY hydroplane. Thanks a lot Patrick for all the great advise you have given our team over the years. Your photos, stories, and racing the 19R have provided our family with many fond memories of racing! Praying for safe travel for you! From "The Racing Teachers" from Yakima, WA Jim & Diane, Ron & Kate and now Maddie (teacher/racer to be?) Hausske
Comment by Lon Erickson on November 22, 2010 at 11:53am
Thanks Patrick, you kept us all entertained and what great insight!! ;) Have a safe trip and see ya around

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