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Wade & Paul loaded up all of the parts to be painted except the engine block and took them to Wade's cousin Vince. I would expect all the parts back possibly next weekend then we can reassemble the accessory housing.
My plan is to strip the engine block paint next Saturday.
I have a plan for somebody to make 2 cylinder hole covers for the block that we can use while stripping paint and painting the block.
If the shim stock arrives in time , we can fit the block halves together Tuesday night.

Miss Bardahl--BOAT:
Mike came up with a good solution for cleaning out the previously hidden parts of the boat. Good progress was made on the right side.
The left side of the boat is ready to be removed.
Flash is working on updating the battery tray.
Phil removed the "Billy Schumacher Driver" from the rear cowl. Funny thing though, it's shadow keeps reappearing. A little more investigation is still in order.
Not sure what else to report on the hull, except Greg could always use more people.

Presently the boat is offsite and being prepped for repainting. There were some minor deck repairs made. Sanding is just about finished and paint should soon be applied.

Hull work is continuing on the bottom of the boat.
The crankshaft for the engine has been disassembled, cleaned and reassembled for fitting. The block and lots of related parts have come out of storage and fitting/clearance checking should begin soon.

And a big tip of the hat to Mitch for inventorying all of the Museum's crew & driver's uniforms and related items.
Thanks again everybody for your help,

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Comment by Phil Lampman on March 6, 2011 at 3:25pm

Good report Glenn. Always nice to know what the other teams are doing. Also appreciate all you do for the museum.


As for the "Bardahl Ghost" I'll keep working on the matter. We may need to have an exorcism and Voodoo is not out of the question.



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