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Just curious what everyones thoughts / opinions are on the starting procedures for the last races of the 2011 Air National Guard Series.  I think is will work much better than the first races of this year!

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Comment by bob jensen on September 26, 2011 at 8:45am

some times Luck is what you need to win a race , that is what the Blind Draw is in the last Salt Water Races saves equment fm salt injestment . it is fair but Boat Racing is all about is as I think is Fighting for that inside Lane (shortest distance around course) altho I dont like Trolling they (H1) has not found a better solution .

the 90s we saw the Photo start that was Heats against boats with similar speeds,top 5 raced against each other I think it was per heat reverst order ,the slower 5 against each other and less points transfer to finnal was  I think 3 boats from Fast flyght 1 from slow ,1 from conny frount line and 2nd place conny Trailer.sometimes Photo start sometimes Dice for lane.

then we saw Fuel flows turned down if you won a race ( - percentage )and more if you won the next Finnal.

now to a Bouy score up wich is now Trolling at Idle (sucks) altho Steve David did pull a good one timing fm outside to a inside lane lay down in one race (but you can shut down and kill the motor this way ). 

H1 needs to keep playing with system to use some of all, sorry the Flying start with the New Hull designes is a thing of the past.

Comment by Bruce Menz on September 22, 2011 at 12:24am
make it a timed event , that way it does not matter how they finished or started the winner is based in the total overall time for the heats and the final race

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