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 Bill Muncey was my first Hero, a real honest to God hero, not the high dollar media creations they have today. I was lucky enough to be growing up in time when the people you admired were reachable. Your heroes are not supposed to die or get older. I felt real pain when Bill was killed, then Dean Chenowith. I bought a Shirt from Fran Muncey at the Madison Regatta many years ago, it got me to thinking, what has become of her and the other wives that put their heart and soul in this wild sport. Madison, In Evansville, In and Detroit, Mi. were the races I could get to. I scoured the newspapers when the fleet was at some distant race for any information. I always watched Wide World of Sports, when they had the Thunder Boats on, usually with some silly sport that had nothing to do with racing. Madison was by far my favorite race. The people were happy you came to the race, the racers were reachable, some times there were long delays, but what the heck we were having fun. The O' Boy Oberto people would pass out samples of their products. The boat teams would hand out pictures of their boats with all the stats on them and the drivers. Times were so different then, the roar of the boats, the flames out the exhausts the flying start, just awesome. While the turbine boats are cool looking they are not the same. I don't think the records for the U-boats should include them against the classic Thunder boats.These boats are much safer, more reliable just not in the same class. I would like to see some articles from the drivers wives of what their lives were like raising the kids and helping with all the things it took to get ready for the seasons. I read the story by Kit Muncey, it was great. I still follow the Races on the web but I don't go anymore. It seem like all the racing I used to enjoy has gotten way out of control. I knew quite a few of the Indianapolis 500 drivers and Nascar drivers of the 50s and 60s, they were also much more people friendly because they were just folks like us, they just happened to have a heavy right foot. The dirt bull rings have even gotten so expensive the back yard builder with an idea can't compete, I think we are all poorer for this trend. I love this web site and check it often, keep up the good work. Thanks to all who contributed to my enjoyment of the racing. Jim

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