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Steve David trying to make an impact as chairman of H1 Unlimited

In case you missed, a good read on the Seattle Times web this morning:

Steve David trying to make an impact as chairman of H1 Unlimited

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As a life long fan of this sport, (I haven't missed the race in Detroit since 1955), I applaud Steve David's efforts to improve the sport.  The race in Detroit this year was one of the best in many years. There were several positives:

1. The Grand Prix class added some noise and exciting competition between unlimited heats

2. The unlimited heats were run closer together which reduced down time

3. All of the heats on Sunday came off at their scheduled times

But here are some things I think would improve the show:

1. Run the race in ONE day with only minimal time between heats. No other motorsport takes two days for one race.

2. Eliminate the qualifying. With only twelve boats it's meaningless and only gives the top teams one more advantage.

3. If a two day event is necessary for financial reasons, make Saturday two boat shootouts, or some other format

4. Refer to the boats by name, not just the driver's name, and make all teams register the boat's name for the season.

Good luck Steve!  We are rooting for your success in improving the sport. 

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