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What can we do to increase interest in the Gold Cup Race?

My suggestions:

Ask local media to help promote the event by giving coverage to the sport on local sports broadcasts.

Change the format to run unlimited heats on one day; limited heats on another.

Run the heats with less time between so that the event is over for the day in 3 to 4 hours.

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Good ideas.

To expound:

It would be nice if the media could start with articles a few weeks in advance of the race instead of a couple of days before.  Maybe do stories on the different teams.  

Run testing, qualifying and supporting races on Saturday, and the unlimiteds on Sunday.  Two full days sitting in bleachers in the hot sun can be tiring.

Unfortunately, getting crowd participation back to the levels of the "good old days" may not happen.  Look at NASCAR.  However, trying some different ideas cant hurt.


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