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Here's the latest update from the engine shop and the boat shop.
The right cylinder bank has been cleaned and decarboned. Awaiting the return of the valves which were sent for grinding  then they can be lapped and assembled. Also awaiting the arrival of a new hone and a bore gauge micrometer for the cylinders then rings can be fitted. The left cylinder bank cleaning should begin next Saturday. Cleaning and taping  of parts for painting continues. The accessory housing has been partly disassembled and inspected. This should be completed by weeks end. Cleanup on the accessory housing remains to be done.
 The Boat: The damaged side piece of aluminum on the right side should be completed this week. This will look REALLY nice hanging in my house. Plans are well established for updating wiring and routing hoses. Benny B. will be starting on all things propeller and shaft this week. The Museum Oberto crew has agreed to lend some helping hands to speed up progress. The boost pump has been disassembled and inspected and the motor tested...everything looks good. Sanding and painting should begin soon.
The target date for completion is July1!
A big THANK YOU for all of the help thus far!

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