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Here's the latest and greatest update.
TUESDAY: night the plan is to assemble the block ,check clearances, and add shims if necessary. Job #2 clean the crankshaft. It was stripped last Thursday night and all of the parts were cleaned today.
THURSDAY: start fitting rings to the right cylinder bank. The bank has been thoroughly cleaned and honed. Hopefully next Saturday I'll be able to do the left bank.
Warren, please clean the crank and work on the taping.
 Wade will disassemble and tape for stripping and painting the distributors on Thursday.
I finished cleaning up the scrollplate and accessory housing today, so they can be taped etc. for painting.
David will be ordering the original paint on Tuesday. (We should get 3 aerosol cans I'm thinking. We also need etching primer and filler primer for the valve covers). Warren will pick up some plastic tubing for the studs.
Work will continue on removing the rest of the right side non-trip. Also Greg and Carl will look into plugging all of the extra holes in the stringers. More sanding on the stringers if needed.
Flash will be mounting the starter solenoid and starting on wiring work.
Benny will continue on prop and shaft stuff.

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