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AMAZING BOOK, "HYDRO'S WHO'S WHO", 1946-2008, By Jim Sharkey

I recently purchased Jim Sharkey's amazing book, "HYDRO'S WHO'S WHO, 1946-2008". It lists all of the boats, all the drivers who drove them and what year(s) they raced. There is a chonological listing of a) all the Unlimiteds and their name changes; b) all the drivers and all the boats they drove; and c) a yearly breakdown as to how each boat finished in each race. The book is absolutely amazing with all the infomation and details. If you need to know about a hydro hull, name, U-number, hull roster ID number, driver or race finishes.... this is a "must have". It's used by the pros, the fans, and R/C enthusiasts. You will win a lot of "bar bets" of you have a copy of this book. To order, visit the Museum Store button and then click on Books and Magazines in the left-hand column. You'll be glad you did! -Bob Senior

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Comment by Kirk Duncan on December 5, 2010 at 9:43am
I totally agree. Definitely a "must have" for any true Unlimited hydroplane fan. It's answered all my questions since I got Shark's book. It's been invaluable for stories I've written for Go3Racing.com. Go out and get it today!

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