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Two weeks ago, in a some what involved transaction, my much altered and somewhat deteriorated 1979 Squire Shop hull ended up in the ownership of Gary and Christie Laws and I came out of the deal with the totally rotten 1963 Tahoe Miss.

While this may seem to be of some question, I have always wanted a round bow Hydroplane. The Tahoe Miss has been out in the weather since 1977, there is not likely a restore-able piece of wood on it, however, the steering, metal parts and the cowling are still with the boat and it came with its original trailer.

 Further, as the boat was massively overbuilt with an internal aluminum frame, still in good condition, has kept the hull platform in it’s original shape, the boat is its own rebuilding jig. The rotten wood will be easily to removed, wood parts used for patterns and rebuilding can start almost instantly.

The last owner had to get the boat out of its parking place immediately, if someone like me had not stepped up to buy it, it would have been cut up and disposed of.

I have to thank Museum Member and Volunteer Doug Brown, for helping me get the Squire Shop moved south, getting the Tahoe Miss from Bothell to Monroe and then to Lummi Island, as well as Gary and friends helping prepare the boat for the journey. We had issues with rotten trailer tires, again Doug and his Mom Katherine  came through in a difficult situation and the boat got moved.  

It will be a while before it sees the water again, but, it’s on its way.

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