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I have seen a picture of the 1958 Miss Round Table on the Unlimiteds Detroit web site. They know nothing of a Byron Lang the photographer. It was just added in April. Does this boat have a history? What were the colors?

It is my understanding that the only appearance of the Miss Athletic Round Table was made at the 1958 Diamond Cup in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Miss Athletic Round Table attempted to run, but the American Power Boat Association (APBA) safety committee declared the aging boat unsafe after it failed to pass a required safety inspection. It spent the rest of race weekend sitting on its trailer at the north end of the pit area.

The birthplace for the Diamond Cup races was Coeur d’Alene’s Athletic Round Table (ART). The ART was a member’s only cocktail lounge and informal meeting place located in the bottom level of the Desert Hotel at First and Sherman. Its membership included many of Coeur d’Alene’s most influential downtown businessmen and the movers and shakers of the entire lakeside community.

The hull itself was the former 1956 Miss Skyway. The Skyway Luggage Co. of Seattle was the sponsor of Lyle Parks's U-7 for the Seafair Trophy Race in 1956. Miss Skyway was the infamous "rubberband boat" that could only do about 40 miles per hour on the straightaway. Powered by twin Chevrolet Corvette engines, Miss Skyway used a system of V-belts to transfer power to the propeller shaft in lieu of a gearbox.

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