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The fourth of July is just a few weeks away, here is a great way to wave the flag and show some hydro spirit at the same time!
This year our Picture Tack celebrates Bill Muncey's bright red white and blue Miss US. Our photo tack is a one inch lapel pin that has a beautiful image of the Miss US outlined with bright gold trim. The Miss US is the 19th boat in the photo tack series. We only made 100 pins, and we have already sold 30 so if you want to get yours, you need to move fast!.  (I've sent this e-mail to over 800 people and there are only 70 pins to sell. . . you can do the math and figure out that these are going to be gone quickly!)
The pin costs $30, and if you order online today, we will give you free shipping!
To order yours, click the link below. Be sure to include your shipping address! 
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