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The Sammamish Slough Races - a Rememberance and Show

Among the most popular outboard-hydroplane events during Seattle area summers were the races from Redmond to Kenmore by way of the Sammamish Slough, now considered to be a "river" since Microsoft moved into town and property values reached the point where the term is no longer acceptable to local real estate agents.

But to most of us hanging out on this website, it was always "The Slough". This annual event was a thrill to watch, especially near the Bothell Bridge. Though the races are no more, there is a retrospective, including a display of boats to commemorate to the event, scheduled for April 7th at the Kenmore City Hall.

Here's the details: http://www.kenmorewa.gov/Page.aspx?nid=115

Hope to see you there...

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