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As a Ferrari enthusiast and former seller/broker of Ferraris, I've been acquainted with this famous boat for several years. I've been looking for a scale model of it for some time. the only ones I've seen are a 1:43 scale resin model kit  produced by FDS about 20 years ago and a large scale kit by Amati which can be built as either a static or R/C model. Not cheap however. (but I am) There also seems to be a number of built versions coming out of Asia of varying degrees of quality.

What I had not seen before was a video of the actual boat under power. I was perusing You Tube this morning looking for some information on  a similar boat, also out of Italy, but with Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 power. The MOSCHETTIERE (Musketeer) V when I ran across this video and related history on the subject ARNO XI. This historic race boat was sold at RM's Monaco Auction last year for $1.3 million.

I just thought I'd share the video and history of this old Hydroplane. If there's anything that comes close to the music of the Merlins and Allisons, it must be the song of a V-12 Ferrari engine.


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