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What a wonderful sight this morning when I drove into the Museum parking lot to see that familiar big Lincoln Town "art" Car sitting in its customary parking spot. Just seeing that big car, festooned with hydroplanes on the roof and hood, paintings on the flanks and roostertails everywhere, both painted and in relief, brightened my whole day.Lenny is back!.

Leonard Ellis is well known to us regulars and a great friend and long-time supporter of the Museum.  Most of you might know of him when you receive your Christmas catalog from the Gift Shop. Lenny is our traditional Santa and has been featured on the cover of every holiday catalog since I've been a member. He knows more about hydroplanes than I ever will and if just love for the tradition and history of the sport were gold, Lenny would "buy" us the Gold Cup and finance every restoration project that might be waiting in the wings.

And he's my friend... And I've missed him. So have many others.

Apparently Lenny has been through some serious health issues that precluded his usual weekly visits. He told me today his first visit to the museum since September. What a nice surprise to start my morning. I hope we'll see him and that big Art Car in the parking lot for many weeks and years to come. Every great endeavor or project ought to have a "Lenny" on their team. 

We just got ours back...

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Comment by Lon Erickson on March 24, 2013 at 1:36pm

Hi All, just an update on Leonard. He had a tough last month with a few more health issues but is doing better and at a rehab facility now. Pretty ironic, he is at a place near Seward Park, overlooking Mercer Island and near where Bill Muncey ran for the straightaway record. To top it all off, the room he is in has a commemorative plaque noting the room and facility was made possible by a donation from the Muscatel family. Only Lenny could have had all those circumstances fall into place :) He was thrilled when he realized all those things.
I went by and visited him today. Spent a while talking hydros and generally just BS'ing, he is feeling pretty good. He says to tell everyone "Hi", looks forward to going home soon, and back to the Museum as he is able.

If anyone wants to stop by and visit Leonard, shoot me note and I will give you the details of where he's at. He would love to talk your ear off for a while....

Comment by Randy Mueller on February 15, 2013 at 7:28pm

Right on -- when we walked in yesterday Gus was overjoyed to see Lenny back!

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