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Unlike what has been seen in Formula 1 car racing, Indianapolis car racing, NASCAR, or Limited class boat racing, Unlimited hydroplane racing has brought out many unique and very unusual designs. Clear, not all of these worked as hoped, but they sure made things interesting, and often advanced the state of the technology.


Renown aerodynamicist Doug Ford presents stories about unique Unlimited hydroplanes designed by people that thought “out of the box”; the issues they faced, what went wrong, and what innovations they brought to the sport.

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Comment by Phil Lampman on February 26, 2012 at 2:36pm

Great presentation. I always look forward to Doug Ford's analytical, yet easy to understand, discussions on the unlimiteds. I took my wife and a friend visiting from Portland and both of them told me they actually learned something of interest and enjoyed the program.

Can hardly wait to delve into Doug's book which he was kind enough to sign.

Thank you David, for making this happen. 

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