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Bill Muncey Memorial, Mission Bay Park, San Diego

The Bill Muncey Memorial is more like a shrine to those that knew the man. And well deserved. His impact on Local and International levels of Hydroplane Racing is legendary. The Memorial is in needy disrepair. We need help with all phases of the project. If you have access to a speedy process through the Permitting. Or are a Bonafide Contractor, or . . . contact our Committee as soon as possible. We have five weeks. 

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Thanks for the heads-up and the appeal. Several of us up here have been wondering what's going to happen to this memorial and, I'm sure, many would like to support the effort. That said, how can the members of this website do so without packing up the tool box and driving to San Diego?

Please keep us aprised of your efforts and plans.

Took one look at the photo of you w/ the steering wheel and immediately made a note to myself that "I wanna meet this guy!" You posted close to midnite - thunderboats got you up late too? This Muncey Project is self-inflicting its toll on me. I'm out there. Alone, til now. Having gone public with the plight and embarrasement of the delapidated condition and running out of time, out of pure desperation, I'm reaching out beyond the local Hydroplaning community, and appealing to Bill Muncey fans specifically, for support. Anyone with connections to Atlas Van Lines corporate? They're on top of the list to sponsor the restoration. My plan is to meet w/ Fran Muncey today or tomorrow for her input. After that I will solicit a formal proposal to the Atlas hierarchy requesting the necessary funding. In the mean time, the search begins for accredited contractors to pull off this "monumental" feat in just four weeks. Phil, I just want to "thank you" personally for your long distance interest and support. "Warm Wishes and Happy Hydroplaning!"

(Update, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA - 07/29/2014) Dear Phil, happy to announce a favorable telecon with Ms. Fran Muncey at approximately 4:30 this afternoon. She was genuinely surprised that someone other than herself and son Ed, was sincerely dedicated to the restoration and upgrade on Bill's Memorial. Ms. Muncey didn't hesitate or hold back valuable resources that might, just might, expedite the entire renovation. Earlier you asked what you and like-minded preservationists could do 1,500 miles between venues - #1) Please, give Ms. Muncey a warm hug from back home for me. #2) Give us your bottom line on towing the "Blaster" to Bayfair '2014. What type of donation would the Museum need to make it happen with substantial promotion and publicity from this end? I see a motorhead reality t.v. production company shooting it for an episode. Might be something extra in it for the museum for the rights. Ms. Muncey thinks it can't be done. #3) Continued interest and support for the welfare of the sport. That's all we could ask for. "Warm Wishes and Happy Hydroplaning!"

Gerry - We were in San Diego last year (the first time ever) and was very disappointed at the condition of the memorial. I too am glad to see an effort made to refurbish it. I will be seeing Fran today at the Blue Blaster dedication and will mention to her that I would like to donate to the effort.  I am a wood worker and know nothing about tile and stucco so the skill to do the refurbishing is not something I can help with, but I can certainly contribute some $$ towards it...gladly! 

Yes! Got the green light and stamp of approval from Bayfair around 5pm today to proceed with the restoration project on the Bill Muncey Memorial. We have a list of generous contributors that continues to grow. Each of you will be contacted. Still plotting the numerous steps that lie ahead. We feel a sense of urgency, but at the same time, a calming peace anchored in confidence we will get it done. I get that from being surrounded and supported by people that love Bill and Fran Muncey. Standby. "Warm Wishes and Happy Hydroplaning!"

Gerry - Spoke with both Fran and Edward last Friday/Saturday.  After discussion, Fran offered that she knew a few stucco/tile people that could give a quote for the project.  I suggested that needed to be the first step in order to see how much money needs to be raised, then the fund raising campaign could begin.  Both of them agreed.  I left it there and intended to communicate with you to coordinate the effort.  It would be great to see the work done by this years event in September, but anything worth while takes time.  Please keep me in the loop on this so I can do what I can to help the effort.

Steve - please call me. What I have to share is too complicated for my little tablet and I'm not up to speed on my new MacBook pro. My cell is 619-646-4705. Call anytime, friend. "Warm Wishes and Happy Hydroplaning!" G.

(11 Aug. 2014 - Muncey Memorial Restoration, Update, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA) Greetings! From warm, sunny, and wonderful Mission Bay, here in beautiful San Diego. This memo goes out to the players involved in the upgrade, and every Thunderboat fan around the world. Preliminary planning is "running upstairs" and winning our qualifying rounds. That means we're making progress and getting substantial support preparing for the semis where we'll be dealing with paperwork, finances, contractors, politicians, and a compressed deadline. The Seattle Hydroplane Museum staff and members are lending amazing support along with Fran Muncey and with Fran's help, Chip "The Boat Guy". Any compassionate fan can donate their time, money, or services by contacting Gerry K. - Special Projects Coordinator, 50th Bayfair, 619-646-4705; gerrykgerryk@yahoo.com; sandiegobayfair.org. Thank you, very much. "Warm Wishes and Happy Hydroplaning!"

Is theere a special fund account at some bank to which would send contributions to via, say Paypal or by way of credit card? Or does the .0rg address handle that sort of thing?

Quick answer, Phil - "not today". However, I'll have account information after talking to  Bob Davies, probably around five pm today. He might need to provide numbers that may take til tomorrow to come up with, so long answer, "standby". Let you know as soon as the information becomes available. How are things progressing for your road trip? Down here, by the border, we say "Fiesta, Siesta",  time to play, time to recover, and "mucho trabajo, poco denero", a lot of work for little pay - kinda describes the life of a Seafair/Hydro Museum volunteer, doesn't it? You ready to go hydroplaning again? Bring it! And let us show you some warm Mission Bay hospitality. Let me know your thoughts from time to time so I can relay them upline to the check writers and fellow big boat enthusiasts. Regards, G., 619-646-4705; gerrykgerryk@yahoo.com

Really regret having to break the news to Fran here in a minute. Having difficulty wrapping my head around the profound impact this will have on our celebration. In my grandeous scheme I saw the cooperation between two Thunderboat regattas as a unifying/rallying point to further promote the big boats. You have to admit, having Bill's boat around for the weekend would have been good medicine for every race fan from here to Doha. "Warm Wishes and Happy Hydroplaning!"

The latest on the Bill Muncey Memorial restoration . . . as of this date, and after brainstorming the project these past few days with all interested parties, its ended up reaching the "getterdun!" stages involving contractors and funding. That means I'm done,  and handing it over to the decision makers and check writers. The four entities involved are now responsible for completing the mission. I'm confident it'll be an easy task, that it will sparkle like the man, and continue to foster the spirit Bill brought to the sport. "Warm Wishes and Happy Hydroplaning!"

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