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My grandpa was so cool

My grandpa Richard dick Nelson raced small hydroplanes starting in the 50s around Chicago then went up to 280 class driving Mighty Mouse I thing he had 3diff boats all white and yellow and one baby blue he won lots of races I have lots of his trophys and pics I got from my grandpa we called him little poppop he passed in 75 of that dam cancer and it was the kind in your but and if you knew my poppop nobody was going to touch his but except Toylet paper so he died becouse he would go to the dr.… Continue

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Prolonged absence

To all my friends at the HARM I wanted to apologize for my prolonged absence from helping on the Miss Bardahl.  Life sometimes gets in the way of things we would rather be doing and one Thursday after another has passed and now that I look back it has been an extended time.  As a CPA and the middle of February, it will probably be at least a couple more months before I can return.  I just wanted to let everybody I will be back as soon as able.

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The Ford's, the Merlins and Maurice Olley

Origins of Ford Aero and Tank Engines, the American Merlin, and the writings of Maurice Olley.

 Before the entry of the United States in the Second World War, the U.S. had become a supplier of war materials to those countries with similar governmental outlooks. Our then President, Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed that the U.S. was “The Arsenal of Democracy”. 

One of our major customers was Great Britain, who, for a number of reasons, decided to have their very successful…


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The Jack Regas Story

By Fred Farley - H1 Unlimited Historian

Jack Regas, Mike Welsh, 1958 Gold Cup win.

Most Unlimited hydroplane drivers start in the Limited classes and work their way up. Jack Regas started at the very top.

The Livermore, California, resident was an…


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Passing of Jack Regas


Added by Jim Mesick on January 30, 2014 at 4:05pm — No Comments

This is Important, Updated From Original Blog Post - August 12, 2012.

I'm sure many of you read the original post which I submitted over a year ago. We've acquired a great many new Website Members since that time and I think the message is still relevant and important. Perhaps even more so with the projects and activities we have planned. Please Join Us!

I was at the Museum this morning helping Don Mock work on the horizontal…


Added by Phil Lampman on January 23, 2014 at 2:00pm — No Comments

Vale John Skube aged 94

John Skube for many years was involved in unlimited Hydros.

He died at Yakima on 21 December just a few days short of his 95th birthday.

A couple of years ago he dictated his hydroplane memories  

 to his daughter, Jane, my wife.

I have posted them here for all to reflect of his involvement in those early days.. .


By John F. Skubé…


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Hallowed Hydros

The roars and risks, the heroes and heat of the race - a band of fans would revive the thrill of it all

By Richard Seven

Reprinted from Pacific Northwest magazine, July 22, 2001

Dust smothers the ankle-high black racing boots Bill Muncey used to wear.

In fact, the museum itself is off to the side in a South Park industrial complex of connecting warehouses full of airplane parts and electrical supplies. Even the sport, for…


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The History of Hydroplanes and Folsom Lake

By Fred Farley - H1 Unlimited Historian

Unlimited hydroplane racing returned to Folsom Lake this May 31 - June 2 2013 as part of “Big Wake Weekend” at Granite Bay in Sacramento, California. The world’s largest and fastest racing boats last appeared on Folsom Lake in 1966 and 1967. The event was known as the Sacramento Cup in those days.

The fleet of boats that showed up for those early Folsom Lake races had almost nothing in common with their modern…


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Remembering Danny Foster

Unlimited hydroplane racing has lost another of its all-time greats. ”The Old Pro” Danny Foster of Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, passed away on November 2, 2013. He was 95.

By Fred Farley - H1 Unlimited Historian

A two-time Gold Cup winner, Foster was…


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Leonard Harry Ellis, Jr.

What is your favorite memory of Leonard Ellis?

Added by Jim Mesick on November 13, 2013 at 9:19am — 1 Comment

Learn the secrets of Layout and Patternmaking

Learn the secrets of Layout and Patternmaking from professional patternmaker and veteran vintage racer Rob Wheeler!

Here is a unique opportunity to learn an important skill from a…


Added by David D. Williams on September 24, 2013 at 12:13pm — No Comments

Australian legend & champion race boat driver, Joe Cooper was inducted into the Australian APBA hall of fame at a well attended reception held at the Moonee Valley racecourse in Melbourne Australia. …

Australian legend & champion race boat driver, Joe Cooper was inducted into the Australian APBA hall of fame at a well attended reception held at the Moonee Valley racecourse in Melbourne Australia. A great night for all, with a lot of old mates catching up over a few beers a great meal and sharing a few stories with us all. A well deserved inductee to the hall of fame as Joe has been involved with boat racing for decades. As a previous owner of one of the worlds most famous hydroplanes,…


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Quaint articles

I came across the attached articles in a book entitled "Tales & Talks about Children" published by Blackie and Son, Ltd, London (1923).

You may find it amusing, or at least quaint.

Attributes the invention of the hydroplane to "Rev. C.M. Ramus, vicar of Playden, near Rye."



Added by Art Harding on August 19, 2013 at 1:25pm — No Comments

At Hydroplane Museum, Vintage Boats Tell Tales of Sport's Heyday

By Gary Crawford

Reprinted from http://www.kplu.org

In the years before the Mariners, the Sonics, the Seahawks and the Sounders came to the Pacific Northwest, there was just one big time spectator sport in the region. And it came every summer to…


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Seafair - Damned if they do and damned if they do....

I just logged on to the museum website just to see how many members had something to say about last weekend's event. I have thus far seen no criticism or whining about anything. I suspect all of you have some opinion about what might reasonably be considered one of the least attended and most criticized events ever. Your restraint, at least on this forum is pretty classy. forgive my poor spelling and punctuation, but my broken fingrs from falling off the truck on Thursday have yet to heal or…


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Seven Who Shaped Seafair

By Danny O'Neil

Reprinted from The Seattle Times, August 8, 1999

What Ted Jones lacked in formal education, he compensated for with an unwavering belief he could build the world's fastest boat.

He showed his son, Ron, the blueprints.

"If something happens to me," he told Ron, "this can take care of the family."

Instead, the boat took care of a whole city.

Anchor Jensen built the Slo-mo-shun IV, and Stan Sayres owned it. But Jones designed it…


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The Champion Fog Cutter of the World

By Georg N. Meyers

Reprinted from The Seattle Times, August 6, 1973

It was the greatest unlimited-hydroplane race nobody ever saw.

If it had been a baseball game, you would have gone home with a raincheck.

It looked like a scene from a Hitchcock movie — eerie shapes…


Added by Dale Fugier on July 29, 2013 at 7:43pm — No Comments

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing - Tri-Cities Style

By Fred Farley - H1 Unlimited Historian

For 47 years, the Tri-Cities of Eastern Washington have played host to "Water Racing's Greatest Show," the Unlimited hydroplanes--the Thunderboats of the racing world.

Since 1966, the mighty Unlimiteds have occupied center stage as the headline event for the annual Tri-City Water Follies celebration. The race was called the Atomic Cup in the early days but was renamed the Columbia Cup in 1976. It is now the Atomic Cup again as a…


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First Unlimited Hydroplane Race at Tri-Cities

On July 24, 1966, the first Unlimited Hydroplane Race occurs on the Columbia River at the Tri-Cities. Bill Brow in the Miss Budweiser wins the race. On this warm and windy day, Miss Budweiser wins both of her qualifying heats and qualifies for the final race. At four o'clock this afternoon, Miss Budweiser rips through the water and beats out her competition with an average speed of 92.402 miles per hour.

Crowds Line the Columbia



Added by Dale Fugier on July 15, 2013 at 8:37pm — No Comments

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