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I'm building a 1/10th scale model of the  Blue Chip unlimited. I' looking for info on the name , sponsor , and the logo on the tail fin . I remember Blue Chip Stamps from that era , but its not obvious theres a connection.

Thanks , Dick Roberts

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The Blue Chip was a Detroit based boat in the 1960's owned by Dick Gordon (of Fairlane Tools).  The name originated from the fact his business was a machine shop.  When turning steel on a lathe, the chips come off blue hot when cutting hard.  Thus, the name Blue Chip, and the curled metal chip (like off a lathe) on the tail.

Dick, along with the Blue Chip team and Fairlane Tools were innovators in the sport.  The team ran Allisons, but outfitted the engines with a Merlin aftercooler.  Additionally they built custom gearboxes (still used today) and made new, modified internal parts for the engine.

After ending ownership/sponsorship, the Gordon family and Fairlane Tools remained an integral part of the sport.  They continued to design & build gearboxes for the Merlin & Allison powered boats, and well into the turbine era were building shafting, gearboxes, and a multitude of other machined hardware for many of the most successful teams.


Here's a couple pictures from Unlimiteds Detroit website:




Here's a picture with the Merlin aftercooler installed on an Allison (it mounted on top of the gearbox and the intake log was flipped upside down):



Hope this helps,

Joe Bspivitch


Thanks Joe , Thats the infomation I was looking for .

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