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Looking for a pair of these for the Blue Blaster Restoration

Among the many obsolete or hard to find parts we need to complete the restoration of the 1977 Atlas van Lines hydroplane are a NOS or near perfect pair of access hatches made by PHYI in Wilmington CA We have. a used pair, but they are in less than perfect shape. 

These are approx 7" in diameter and the threaded hatch opening and cap are about 4". Both are  chromed plastic.

Would appreciate any help anyone could provide in finding us a nice set.


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Hi, I think the chrome ones are a lot more obscure than the white plastic ones, unfortunetly. If you can't find any, one avenue that might be an option, is one of the places that rechromes auto dash guage panels for restorations. Pick up an issue of Musclecar review  or similar magazine, they advertise in there all the time. They could re flash chrome the ones you have, i would think.

Thanks Randall. We've begun thinking much the same thing. You should join the team and come work with us: you share the same ideas as the rest of us. I've been doing a little research and Don seems to be hot on the trail of a supplier who can help us. Good suggestion.

I guess you don't know me!, when I'm in Seattle I'm usually pretty busy in Lynnwood, (hint, hint!)

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