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I recently finished an in depth article about Norberg Custom Boats and the collaboration between Norm Berg and Dave Knowlen that led to the building of the '79 Squire Shop and Circus Circus unlimited hulls. I am sharing the article here, so that the membership can read the story of these two legends and the impact they had on the sport of piston-powered hydro racing.

The piece was written with the assistance of Berg, Knowlen, and Steve Reynolds. I hope that it creates interest in the restoration of the two Norberg hulls and that those two projects are eventually completed for everyone's enjoyment.

Due to the size of the article and the size of the included photos, I have split the story into two parts in order to up load it to this forum.

Enjoy. I will look forward to your comments.

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Stephen, great story, thanks for writing/sharing it.  I appreciate your comments about some of the old Region 10 guys I knew back in the day.  Thanks again.   Steve Ruedy

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