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I'm writing about a fascinating car that powerboat champion Lou Fageol built and enjoyed, and it would be great to be able to include a photo of him in the published story. 


The car is a 1933 Chrysler Imperial phaeton into which Lou Fageol installed a Cadillac V-16 engine.  He planned and executed all of the necessary alterations to permit the engine swap, and by all accounts the result was a fast, good-driving car.


If anyone can help me out with this, I would be extremely grateful.  All I have been able to come up with is the advertisement for Harper's whiskey that mr. Fageol lent his likeness to in the mid 1950s, and a low-resolution image of him at the Rooster Tail together with Dan Arena, Guy Lombardo and Duke Maylon.


Thanks in advance,


Chris Cummings

Manassas, Virginia


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I've got some very nice photo's of Lou Fageol if you're still looking.

Jerry Farber


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