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I picked up a set of 16 Pict Sweet pics at the auction last Saturday. Happy to have them,

my brother Rich ordered a set from our local IGA store about 60 years ago. He remebered

there were four color pics which I recall the Slo Mo IV, Shanty One and Hawaii Kai III

photos, Rich thought the fourth was the Such Crust. The 16 b&w pics I picked up are the

Shanty One, Miss Thriftway(1st), Thriftway Too, Miss Wahoo, Miss Wayne, Slo-Mo-Shun IV,

Miss Seattle, Maverick(1st), Hawaii Kai III, Gale V(2nd?) Gale VI, Breatless, Miss B & I,

Miss Bardahl(1st) , U S II, and Such Crust III.  All pics are from 1956-57.  50 years later,

that IGA store was Tad Dean's body shop

Was this the complete set, since the U S 1(1957), Miss Rocket, Breathless II, Short Circuit,

Scooter Too-Adios , Supertest II, Gale IV-Wildroot Charlie were not included in the set I

bought or maybe they never existed. Happy to have the pics I have, they are some of my

earliest memories of hydros. Any info would be appreciated, some of the shots have the

look of Bob Carver from inside the course on race day, some don't; but there all cool.

Tom Ormbrek

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