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Gee, it would have been fun to see this 'happening' today -- the Circus & Pak back together again at 'our' museum (not the one in Detroit).  This sight probably won't occur again for a few years, and certainly not with these names on them!!!!

At least the Atlas wing is finally home!


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Randy:  I'm a Detroiter, and I agree that these two hulls belong in Kent.  The Detroit hydroplane "museum" seems to be more of a mysterious storage depot for a private (and inaccessible) collection of hydro artifacts.  HARM is the real thing.

Its' a shame, with Detroits long history in boat racing, that they could not have put together a museum display similar to ours here in Kent, WA.  If a facility is to be in their future it would be critical to preserve their boats NOW!

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