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Good afternoon. My father was a crew chief during the year of 1954 of a sabre FU-539. Before it was in his hands, the nose are read Slo-Mo-Shun II. Website to my fathers plane is: http://sweetrose.yocumusa.com/ -- Pictures to slo-mo-shun II Sabre are: http://sweetrose.yocumusa.com/images/2017slomoshun/2017sms01.jpg and http://sweetrose.yocumusa.com/images/2017slomoshun/524539sms.jpg

Would any of you know if the sabre name was related to the speedboats? Just seems rare for that name to be a coincidence. Just trying to find out if their is a connection if any. I don't know where to start other than here.

Thanks! Any help is appreciated.

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