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This hull was built by Les Staudacher in 1962 for Shirley Mendelson McDonald. It ran in 1962 and 63 as the Notre Dame. In 1965 the boat was renamed Shu-Shu.

In 1967, afte the 4th Miss Budweiser crashed in Tampa Florida, killing Bill Brow, Bernie Little bought the Shu-Shu and turned her into the 5th Miss Budweiser. She was driven by Mike Thomas and won the British Columbia Cup in Kelowna BC. The boat was replaced by the famous Karelsen Bud in 1968.  The hulled next raced in 1970 as the Burien Lady with George Henley driving. It continued running under a varity of nam,es until 1980. The Hydroplane and Raceboat Musuem restored the boat to her Miss Budweiser colors in 1999 just in time to take part in filming the Madison Movie.

The 1967 Miss Budweiser is often mistaken for the four seat miss Budweiser that originaly started out as Guy Lombardos Tempo, but they are two completely different boats.

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