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Squire Shop Restoration Update / 04.28.2018

Saturday April 28 Update:

Another great day in the Squire Shop restoration group; John, Jeff, and Mike are finishing the routing of the final sponson depths on the right sponson and the final pieces of oak are being fit for the left sponson.

Bryan worked on the skid fin bracket doubler today so it's ready to glue in and Josh and Alan finished sanding and coating the blocks to support the bottom panels so these are now ready for when the bottom goes in.

Brad is now back to working the rear cowling, we are ordering wood to build a jig for the rear cowling just as we did for the front cowling. This will help a lot with its positioning when being worked on.

Today I spent putting the gauges together for the cockpit, some of these will need to be sent out for repair and calibration but we at least have most of what we need.. :-)

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