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My 135 mph ride in Slo-Mo IV in August 1952 with Anchor Jensen driving.

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Comment by Robert Frank on May 27, 2019 at 6:59pm

I can relate to this.  I got my ride in her, with Mr. Sayres driving, in July of 1954.  Quite a thrill, right!!!  We'll never forget it, that's for sure.  My Mom was a 'hydro nut' as well, and was on the pier watching, and scared to death that her little 11 year old son would get hurt.  Was quite relieved when we got back safe and sound.  Mr. Sayres jokingly offered to take her out next, but she backed off and said "no thanks, I'll watch from afar, and on TV, thanks".  I had entered one of those local "25 words, or less" contests, and the ride was the grand prize.  Only contest I ever won.  But after this, what else could I have wanted?  At least you still have your pictures.  We lost ours in a household mishap in 1984.  So I have to be happy with just my memories.


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