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Glenn D. Raymond's News – January 2011 Archive (2)

1958Miss Bardahl update 1-29-11

Here's the latest and greatest update.


TUESDAY: night the plan is to assemble the block ,check clearances, and add shims if necessary. Job #2 clean the crankshaft. It was stripped last Thursday night and all of the parts were cleaned today.

THURSDAY: start fitting rings to the right cylinder bank. The bank has been thoroughly cleaned and honed. Hopefully next Saturday I'll be able to do the left bank.

Warren, please clean the crank and…

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1958 Miss Bardahl update

Here's the latest update from the engine shop and the boat shop.

The right cylinder bank has been cleaned and decarboned. Awaiting the return of the valves which were sent for grinding  then they can be lapped and assembled. Also awaiting the arrival of a new hone and a bore gauge micrometer for the cylinders then rings can be fitted. The left cylinder bank cleaning should begin next Saturday. Cleaning and taping  of parts for painting continues. The accessory…

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