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My grandpa Richard dick Nelson raced small hydroplanes starting in the 50s around Chicago then went up to 280 class driving Mighty Mouse I thing he had 3diff boats all white and yellow and one baby blue he won lots of races I have lots of his trophys and pics I got from my grandpa we called him little poppop he passed in 75 of that dam cancer and it was the kind in your but and if you knew my poppop nobody was going to touch his but except Toylet paper so he died becouse he would go to the dr. The other was my dad dick daus in 150 hydro driving stinker devel he didn't race that long but if you know anything about these guys or there boats or where they are I will give my left nut for just a piece of there, boats thanks jim daus 920-388-6087 522 first st kewaunee wi 54216

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Comment by Phil Lampman on February 25, 2014 at 3:02pm

No apology necessary Jim. Your spelling is better than many of us who lurk on this forum and website. The story of your Grandfather was touching and well written. The love you shared with him was obvious. I enjoyed it.

If you hadn't mentioned your challenge and disabilities, I wouldn't have known it. 

Please keep active on this website to share your memories with the rest of us. We'll do the same.

Thanks for sharing. It's what this website is all about.


Comment by Jim daus on February 20, 2014 at 9:41pm
This is jim that wrote that sorry for the spelling I'm have parkisons its sucks and Hydrocephalos it's were your spinal fluid stops working so they put a shunt (a fuel pump) in my brain and get this its adjustable so again sorry

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