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Seafair - Damned if they do and damned if they do....

I just logged on to the museum website just to see how many members had something to say about last weekend's event. I have thus far seen no criticism or whining about anything. I suspect all of you have some opinion about what might reasonably be considered one of the least attended and most criticized events ever. Your restraint, at least on this forum is pretty classy. forgive my poor spelling and punctuation, but my broken fingrs from falling off the truck on Thursday have yet to heal or be properly set. 

I just wanted to say something about what went right and provided what to my mind was a terrific event.

Thank you David Williams, Chip Hanauer, John Goodman, Don Mock Eric Mann and their crews for the Thunder and a look back at what once was,

Thank you, H1 Teams for some really good racing.

Thank you, EMT's and many others for your concerns and quick action in patching me up after my embarrassing fall from the truck.

Thank you, Ken and Denise Strong - not to forget Parke Schneider - for those tireless hours you spend promoting the museum and everything it represents.

Thank you, Don Mock,Chip and the Atlas van Lines crew for allowing my daughter, Shelby, feel a part of the team,\ as you always do

Thank you Glenn Raymond for tracking me down to give me a special gift.

Thank you Shelby, for figuring out how to dismantle the fence in parking lot G and get us back on road home without running over anybody in the beer garden and amusement park rides.

Thank You Uncle Bob Burd for finding me and showing off your fabulous new Team Shirt. Nothing better to bring a smile thrortgh the pain

Thank you KIRO TV for hanging on to the tradtiotion of the Seafair races. Now what?

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