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Harrah's Tahoe Miss, V-6 engine driving the Allison Aux stage blower. Late 60's or early 70's.

 Would it be possible for anyone who remembers or has pictures of the

 Tahoe Miss that had a Buick or Olds V-6 engine driving the aux stage

 blower please forward any information on this unique application to me. I saw the boat in Detroit in the late sixtys.

 I believe the name of the Crew Chief was Harry Volpe. Additional information would be appriciated.


Bill Grunow,

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Comment by Jon JC Courtright on September 18, 2011 at 4:35pm

Hi Bill.  Yeah it was a Buick V-6 as I remember -but I have never heard of how it was all 'lashed' up.  Harry Volpe was crew chief and I was told another guy by the name of Adam Everett was one of the brains behind the team.  Also someone told me that Harry also help develop the 'chute pack' that the guys use to wear on the back of their life jackets.

Maybe Mira Slovak knows..., about the V6 installation?  Hopefully, someone else will jump on this.


Jon Courtright

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