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I can almost smell the water and feel the breeze against my face, as I anxiously wait for the racing season to start.  A visit

was made to the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum for quick fix of those hydroplane boats; along with a visit to Stan

Sayers Park Memorial Park to breathe in the beauty of Lake Washington. It was an unusual day for February, a special

gift from nature for those of us  who live near  Seattle; as that there was no rain to be found only sunshine and crisp cold

air. While I walked around Seward Park, I took my time, talking only a few steps then I would stop and take a few photos;

dreaming about the upcoming summer, wondering what was to be.  It is now April, time has passed and life has thrown in

a few fun surprises, ones that my husband and I wouldn’t dare dreamed of a couple of years ago.  A road trip is in store

for this summer starting in July, a trip to Indiana, Detroit and San Diego, that has my husband driving the truck for one of

the H1 teams. I will follow the events with daily calls and pictures sent my way. I will hold down the home front as I watch

from a distance this year and follow events close to home, with the exception of San Diego. I am excited about the new

adventures coming our way.  I just need to wait a little long till I get I get to feel the wind blow against my face as I wait

and watch for each race to begin.


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