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As I’m sure you know the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum is a member supported not for profit corporation.  We operate a real brick and mortar museum that houses a dozen or so of the fastest, most historic vintage unlimited hydroplanes in the world.  Restoring and running the boats is very expensive.  For the past two decades we have been supported by almost seven hundred dues paying members who contribute financially to the museum via their yearly duesEarlier this year we started our new NING based website that allows people to sign up and become members to the website for free.

As soon as we opened up our new site we began to notice a drop off in our dues paying members. At first I thought that it was just part of the normal ebb and flow of business. As time has gone by, I see the number of website members continue to climb higher and higher (we are at almost 470 website members) while actual dues paying  Museum membership has been dropping.  Our membership roster is now at its lowest point in almost 10 years.   As I look though the list of website members I see a whole lot of people that used to be dues paying museum members.

I want to remind you that without the annual dues that we get from our members, we cannot continue the great work we do of restoring and running vintage hydroplanes. Being a website member is fun, and lets you connect to hundreds of other hydro fans, but it does not make you a “Museum Member”  with all of the benefits that come with membership (Free Videos, Free admission to the Museum, 10% discount at the museum story etc. )

Please click on the attached link Click here: Museum Membership that will take you to our membership page where you can join the museum and help us save the great old boats that we all love so much!



David Williams

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