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Two time Unlimited National Champion, Gold Cup winner, Reno Air Race winner, Cold War hero, airline captain, stunt pilot extraordinaire and all around great guy, Miroslav (Mira) J. Slovak passed away on Monday June 16th at 7:47 pm. Mira was at home with his long time partner Ingrid Bondi and her daughter when he succumbed to stomach cancer.

Mira has requested that there be no service and that his ashes be scattered over the warm pacific waters.

I cared a great deal for Mira and am still struggling to find the right words to say goodbye. One of Mira’s close friends was Richard Bach of Jonathan Livingston Seagull  fame. A few moments ago I received the following words from Richard:

“What a grand life he has lived!  


And what a joy of one that he has returned to! 


Our delight flies with him, magnificent, unafraid.   Congratulations on your life, Mira, Well Done!”


We will respect Mira’s wished about not having a solemn memorial for him, but he never told me that we couldn’t have a grand going away party! So in a few days when the dust settles, we will announce the date for a wonderful going away party.  

I had the good fortune of spending several days with Mira last month and will be sharing many stories about him in the very near future, but for now, I would love to hear your stories about this amazing man.

David Williams

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