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to any one who can help identify this boat i picked up about a year ago its a 1963 flat bottom v-drive 16 foot has a built 327 i think is the original motor as far as i can tell my main reason for wanting info is it appears to be a boat bill muncey built for his personal use tittle says home made has lots of parts stamped bill muncey seattle wa from what i have learned it was painted at one time like one of his hydroplanes it now has newer paint thanks to the last owners poor decision i would like to find an original picture so i can restore to its original condition any help would be much appreciated

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Interesting question. I confess, even though an old Flatbottom guy, it seems to me that the museum, and by association, this website tends to place more emphasis on Hydroplanes than other forms of "raceboats". This is only by way of suggesting that your inquiry might receive more knowlegable attention from the group that favors this type of racing craft - lacking the training wheels. (I'm going to take some heat over that comment).

Try this link:


Let us all know what you find out.

Here is a website I think you will find helpful with your id questions it is run by a great bunch of guys.  Hope it helps.   Tom


Keith,  There is a website that is pretty much flatbottom boats and I am sure they can help you. 


What are your plans for the boat and where are you located. 

Mark D.


Hi Keith...  I'm Bills nephew.  I've seen pictures all my life around the hydroplane world and have never seen this boat before, and am clueless of its origin.  Also, it's the first ever I heard of his name being stamped on parts??  Im curious what you find out and will forward this to my cousins (his sons) as to what they know..... the best....


That hull may be one that was built in late '62 or early '63 by a north end builder named John McCarter.  He was very busy in those days and was one of the pioneers in finishing his hulls with epoxy resin.  He built a 280 (Yahoo Too) that was designed by my father and owned/driven by Marsh McCann from 1963 to 1969.  My father, mother and I went to Bill Muncey's home on Mercer Island to return some borrowed parts and he was gracious enough to give us a tour of his home.  I remember a ski boat in his boat storage room that had the same lines and rounded edges as your boat and I remember John saying he was building a ski boat for Bill at about the same time as he was building ours. It may be the same boat. 

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