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My father, Cotton Arnsdorff, raced D class outboard Hydro's in the 50s, 60s, and I being born in 1953 idolized him and oh so badly wanted in the boat. He ran a specialized Mercury modified by Kiekhaifer and also heavily modified in our garage. I remember Dad foiling props with nothing but a vise and rubber hammer and also the many 1st he took from competitors with unlimited funds. The sound of the open megaphones was an Adrenaline overload for a 6 year old! Unfortunately an encounter with a freak wake sent Dad and boat airborn nosediving and removing bow of hydro. The metal brain bucket with dent from throttle lock button still sits on trophy shelf as proof and reason Mom forever more banned Hydro's in Cotton's life. A sad day indeed as she also banned the planned "A" hydro in my future! A fine example of undying love for your Mom no matter how badly she alienates you!

Walt Arnsdorff

Savannah, Ga. 

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