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What year did the U-22 Sunny Jim have the notch tail, and what year did it have the straight tail with the peanut symbol on the tail?

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Hi Greg;

In case no one has answered yet, I looked it up and found that the Sunny Jim you speak of, with the more straight tail and the peanut symbol, was only used at Pasco and Seattle in 1975.  This one started out as the 2nd Tahoe MIss in 1963 and also saw action as Kirby Classic, Elliott Dog Ration, and others before finishing up in 1977.  The 'notched' tail one I believe your speaking of was the 2nd Sunny Jim that ran in 1974, and the last 2 races of 1975.  It was originally Breathless II and went for an astounding 27 years, and 25 different names!  Sunny Jim was it's 7th name, and came in a respectful 8th in points in 74.  And - it's still around!!!  We all know it these days as the Quasi "Hawaii Kai III".  There was one more Sunny Jim that I suppose you could say had a "notched" tail.  But it was used only for display in 73 or 74, and had once been the Value Mart, and the 2nd OhBoy! Oberto.


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