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Can anyone post a photograph of the 1954 Trot Along, which a year before was Such Crust V>

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My hydro pictures are all in scrapbooks so I can't easily post a picture.  But I can tell you that the TROT ALONG name, in block letters (all caps) was the only change made to the boat.

In fact, the name SUCH CRUST  U-5  remained on the transom, as did the name Liz Schafer on the cowl behind the cockpit.

Posted - your welcome!

Thanx again for your reply. About two months ago I was trolling around on the net and came across two web sites that had decent black and whites of both Trot and Pace a Long.  I can't remember, for the life of me, which sites they were, but they were about as good as anyone could get without tapping in to the Schaefer sources, I suppose.  Anyway, thank you for your reply


Hi Greg;

Saw your request just now.  Don't remember how I came upon this, but it might be what your looking for.  Let me know.


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