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Just curious if there is any work planned on the Miss Bardahl this winter?


 - Dale

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Work on the 1958 Miss Bardahl is scheduled to begin Thursday Nov.18. We will be removing the engine and some other parts that night. An updated list of repairs will begin shortly after that.
Most winter work has already been completed for both the hull and engine and the boat is essentially ready for next season. The work has thus far consisted of pickling, preventative maintenance, and inspections.

1) Engine was pulled, pickled, and de-humidified. Cams & fingers were inspected and a minor oil leak was isolated and fixed on the gearbox. Engine compression checked okay & scavenge screens were free of debris.

2) All systems in the hull have been gone through in detail checking fittings for tightness & general hardware condition. ADI & nitrous systems were pickled.

3) Boat mounted engine & gearbox scavenge screens were pulled and clean (no debris). The oil has also been changed.

4) Very minor hull work & touch-ups have been completed as preventative maintenance due to operating the boat.

5) Prop, shaft, and rudder either have been or will be magnafluxed. Steering system bearings will all be greased, inspected, etc.

6) APBA V&H winter inspection checklist will be completed in entirety.

7) Minor miscellaneous systems & hull work to improve boat performance & maintainability.

Hope this helps,



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