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1977 Atlas Van Lines Restoration Report by Don Mock

November 2, 2010

Another big week coming up. Tomorrow we have lots of inserts to glue into the left airtrap. We need to lay the sponson frames on top in the morning to drill and mark all the holes. We have all the replacement frames made and they can be ground and have their extrusions attached. Today, Gail started routing out the top of the right airtrap so we might also be able to glue the wood into the top tomorrow or at least Thursday. Then we can mount the sponson frame assemblies.......probably next week on both sides.
Here’s the plan this week.........

Weds – 10:30 - 5
Thursday – 10:30 – 8
Friday – 11 – 3

And I plan to take next Tuesday night off so we’ll do a full day and evening then.

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