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     As a fan and participant of "Live Theatre" for many years, I have experienced several moments where a particular performance is just "magical". The kind of show where everyone nails their lines, hit all their marks. The lighting and the set just looks right together. After a few scenes you realize that the audience is just eating it up. The audience can't quite explain it, but they know that whatever they're seeing is cool beyond belief.

     That's what happened in Coeur d'Alene this weekend when Mr. Williams took the caravan to his old stomping grounds. The city opened up their arms to us and in huge part with the "Hydromaniacs of Coeur d'Alane" we put on a show for the ages. I don't have to prove it, just ask anyone who was there. We took a sleepy little resort community and turned on the electricity for the weekend. But the best part was that we did it with style, class and dignity. There were celebrities amongst us. I got to speak with one and I saw a few others. Near as I can tell, they had that "this is SOOOOOO cool" looks on their faces like everyone else.

     The business community was raving about the receipts of the weekend. The Coeur d'Alene Resort had it's Boardwalk lined up 4 deep from end to end with people that are paying big bucks to be there. The park was filled with people buying stuff in record numbers. And most importantly to us, the Museum of Coeur d'Alene got a HUGE boost in their efforts to expand to include the Vintage Hydros. I hope it was a Rock Star moment for David and it was great to see it all happen live and in person.

     Join us for our Finale at Lake Chelan Sept. 30th thru Oct 2nd. This is one where we get to pat each other on the back, thrill yet another community, then talk about how to top the year we just had next year. I'm gonna carry the museum torch to Mission Bay and tell em how great you people are. If they need a hand creating a great show, we'd probably help if they asked. (is this where the "lol" goes?)


     I was proud to be a part of it....................................................Mike

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Comment by Phil Lampman on August 22, 2011 at 4:20pm

Nice report. Love the emotion with which you wrote it. Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved.


Lake Chelan indeed. Looking forward to it. Hope this idea of "Mahogany and Merlot" continues to grow. It's such a nice event.


Thanks for the good news.

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