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     For those of you that have ever given a dollar, a days worth of work or anything else to the Museum out of the kindness of your heart.....you should be VERY proud of the show those men and women put on over the last 10 days. The 5 boats that participated in the Tri Cities, were sparkling,,,,,,I mean they glistened in the sun. Those that piloted the boats put on a GREAT show for the fans. They created a few cool formations and the photo ops were spectacular. The best part was being able to see all of the teams mingling with the crowds and not being afraid to go ahead and feel special for just a little while. Again, those that have supported the museum would be very proud of these people and the show they put on.

     On a personal note, thanks for making a new guy feel welcome. Here's to many more fine moments we'll get to have in the future..........

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