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Miss Athletic Round Table

I have seen a picture of the 1958 Miss Round Table on the Unlimiteds Detroit web site. They know nothing of a Byron Lang the photographer. It was just added in April. Does this boat have a history? What were the colors?

It is my understanding that the only appearance of the Miss Athletic Round Table was made at the 1958 Diamond Cup in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Miss Athletic Round…


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16th Annual Gala On Sale

Tickets to the Museum event of the year - the 16th Annual Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum Gala & Auction, are now on sale at the Museum Store.

Come and celebrate all things hydroplane, and help us raise money this year to…

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June 15th, 2013 from Noon - 3:00pm

Hydroplane Racing In Seattle

Stop by and say "hi" to David.

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Summer Reading

Now that the sun has finally make it's first official visit to Seattle in 2013, our thoughts turn ahead to long, lazy summer days spent at the beach, perhaps at our favorite H1 race sites. And with all that free time, what better to do than to brush on our reading. The Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum wants to help you while away the summer days with these great new…


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Obertos long supporters of hydro racing

By Fred Farley

H1 Unlimited Historian

Between 1975 and 2010, the father-and-son team of Art and Larry Oberto has sponsored a total of 11 Unlimited hydroplanes under the banner of Oh Boy! Oberto.

With the retirement of the Miss Budweiser team in 2004, the Oberto family's Seattle-based meat products business became the oldest active corporate sponsor in Unlimited racing.

As of 2009, the family had eight race victories to its credit. The first two were in 1988 when…


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Dorothy Oberto Remembered

Art and Dorothy.

Dorothy Oberto passed away peacefully on April 1st, 2013 in Seattle. Throughout life she loved to bring people together and always found creative ways to do it. Whether it was a three day family reunion, weekend Seafair extravaganzas, '50's toga parties, or a simple cup of tea with friends; Dorothy always added a personal touch. For her, hosting fifty…


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Happy 93rd Birthday Uncle Bob Burd

Happy 93rd Birthday Uncle Bob Burd, Authur, Volunteer & Friend of the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum.


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The Risk Takers and Record Breakers

Stories of those that tried, and sometimes died, chasing the Absolute World Water Speed Record

Author: Doug Ford, Printed by 48HrBooks, copyright 2012 ISBN-13:978-0-9847589-1-3 ISBN-10:0984758917, Published by Doug Ford Engineering, LLC / Paperback. price $24.95 + tax.

Come to the Museum on Saturday, April 6th at 7 PM and…


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Two Rooster Tails Wash Out a Fifth Gold Cup

In his attempt to win still another racing trophy, defeated Champ Bill Muncey was frustrated by a wall of water and an oilman's boat.

By Hugh Whall

Reprinted from Sports Illustrated, July 15, 1963

"Washing down" is an old tool in the lockers of most hydroplane racers. A tactical maneuver, now illegal under the racing rules, it consists of deliberately aiming the fierce fire-hose power of the towering rooster tail from the stern of your boat at a…


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New photos from 50's - 60's from the Byron Lang Collection

I just added almost 100 new photos to the Unlimiteds Detroit photo database. They were loaned/donated to us by Byron Lang.

If you repost, please credit as "From the Byron Lang Collection".  

Some of these pics are spectacular.  ENJOY! …


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Another One Saved From The Axe

Two weeks ago, in a some what involved transaction, my much altered and somewhat deteriorated 1979 Squire Shop hull ended up in the ownership of Gary and Christie Laws and I came out of the deal with the totally rotten 1963 Tahoe Miss.

While this may seem to be of some question, I have always wanted a round bow Hydroplane. The Tahoe Miss has been out in the…


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The Sammamish Slough Races - a Rememberance and Show

Among the most popular outboard-hydroplane events during Seattle area summers were the races from Redmond to Kenmore by way of the Sammamish Slough, now considered to be a "river" since Microsoft moved into town and property values reached the point where the term is no longer acceptable to local real estate agents.

But to most of us hanging out on this website, it was always "The Slough". This annual event was a thrill to watch, especially near the Bothell Bridge. Though the races…


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1950s Hydroplane Steering Wheels?

Anyone have any idea where the steering wheels from the 50's era hydroplanes came from? Trying to find some for my models. The closest I can get so far is a 1930s automotive 4 spoke (Bentley, MG and the other euro cars).

Added by Todd Boyle on March 5, 2013 at 8:36pm — 2 Comments

Ferrari Hydroplane, ARNO XI

As a Ferrari enthusiast and former seller/broker of Ferraris, I've been acquainted with this famous boat for several years. I've been looking for a scale model of it for some time. the only ones I've seen are a 1:43 scale resin model kit  produced by FDS about 20 years ago and a large scale kit by Amati which can be built as either a static or R/C model. Not cheap however. (but I am) There also seems to be a number of built versions coming out of Asia of varying degrees of…


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What a Wonderful Sight This Morning...

What a wonderful sight this morning when I drove into the Museum parking lot to see that familiar big Lincoln Town "art" Car sitting in its customary parking spot. Just seeing that big car, festooned with hydroplanes on the roof and hood, paintings on the flanks and roostertails everywhere, both painted and in relief, brightened my whole day.Lenny is back!.

Leonard Ellis is well known to us regulars and a great friend and long-time supporter of the Museum.  Most of you might know of…


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Ed Karelsen Question

By Fred Farley  -  H1 Unlimited Historian

What is the story behind the classic round-nosed Ed Karelsen hulls? How many of them were there and under which names did they compete?

The round-nosed Karelsen hulls pretty much defined the state-of-the-art in Unlimited hydroplane hull design in the late-1960s and early-1970s. They were generally wider and flatter than their contemporaries and resembled in outward appearance the Dan Arena hulls of the…


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R/C Hydro Modeler Contest

The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum has a lot in common with the R/C Scale Hydro Community. Both communities are passionate about the sport of unlimited racing. Both groups have a keen interest in the history of the sport, and both groups owe a huge debt to Roger Newton for playing such a big role in getting us started. That is why the Hydroplane Museum is proud to announce our…


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Uncle Al remembered by long time friend and crew member Dave Woelfert

Uncle Al, remembered by long time friend and crew member Dave Woelfert.

On May 19, 2012, unlimited hydroplane racing lost one of its most ardent supporters when Eldon “Uncle Al” Thoreson passed away.

Al started as a crew member and builder of Bob…


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Lots to do at the Hydro Museum!

There is something for everyone at the Hydroplane Museum! 

The next few weeks are very busy with a wide range of activities

7:00PM the evening of Saturday Jan 19th we will bring back our popular “Movie Night” and en…


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David "Salt" Walther Remembered

By Fred Farley  -  H1 Unlimited Historian

Former Unlimited hydroplane driver David "Salt" Walther of Dayton, Ohio, passed away on December 27, 2012. He was 65.

Walther qualified as an Unlimited driver in 1970 as pilot of George Simon's MISS U.S. of Detroit. Between 1971 and 1976, he drove for the Dayton-based COUNTRY BOY team, owned by his father, industrialist George Walther, Jr.…


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