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The Unlimiteds Hit The Water For The First Time In 2012

The Tri-Cities testing date is now confirmed for this coming Friday, May 18th.

Two H1 Unlimited Air National Guard Series Hydroplanes will be conducting extensive test runs on the Columbia River.

The 88 Degree Men® and the U-11 Peters & May boats are due to start testing sessions at 10 AM on May 18, off the shores of Columbia Park. Drivers Scott Liddycoat and JW Myers will be in the Tri Cities on May 17 doing personal appearances while the boat…


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F-13 at St. Pete in 1987.

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The Lone Star

A record ninth Gold Cup victory moves a quiet man closer still to mentor Bill Muncey in the reckoning for Unlimited hydroplaning's all-time greatest exponent.

By David Tremayne, 1993

Stan Hanauer tells it best, but since he is Chip's father it's not surprising that he should know the inside story of his son's 1982 Gold Cup victory. It was the first of that record nine, and…


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A Stormy Day on Lake Mead

In a wild windup, Chip Hanauer won the hydro title.

By Shelley Smith

Reprinted from
 Sports Illustrated, October 1, 1990  

Chip Hanauer was rounding the first turn in the third heat of the Budweiser Las Vegas Silver Cup on wind-chopped Lake Mead at 120-plus mph when he felt his 6,000-pound, jet turbine-powered Miss Circus Circus boat flip sideways and into the air. A four-time national hydroplane driving champion, the 36-year-old Hanauer…


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Changes Are Stealing Some Of The Thunder, And Risk, Of The Unlimiteds

By Alexander Wolff

Reprinted from Sports Illustrated, September 10, 1984

Unlimited hydroplanes, the powerboats that attract hundreds of thousands of fans when they race, have always had two very tidy certainties associated with them. One is that they make a particular sort of ear-splitting noise. Promoters like to refer to it as "thunder," and the vessels themselves as "thunderboats." In fact, the sound is more like what you'd expect a power mower to make while running…


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Couch Racing Links

If you were unable to attend the Couch Racing with Chip Hanauer event, or you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the event by clicking on the links below:

Couch Racing with Chip Hanauer - Hour 1

Couch Racing with Chip Hanauer - Hour 2

If you did attend the event, either in person or in the Internet, thank you for attending and…


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Norm Berg Builds a Pair

By Bill Curry

Reprinted from the 1979 Spirit of Detroit program

When today's Spirit of Detroit Regatta is history the unlimited hydroplane sitting in the winner's circle may well be a product of Norm Berg's Tacoma, Washington boat shop. You see, the 37-year-old Berg is the builder of Bill Muncey's 1978 national champion Atlas Van Lines, winner of the last two Detroit River go-arounds. Norm Berg is also the builder of two other top-flight contenders - Circus…


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Life Is A Circus Circus

Bob Steil, former owner of the Squire Shop hydroplanes, has just acquiring the 1979 U-31 Miss Circus Circus from the Dave Bartush collection in Detroit. The hull is a duplicate of the 1979 U-2 Squire Shop, with both being designed by Dave Knowlen and built by Norm Berg. The U-2 demolished in a test run in late-season 1981. Bob Steil then bought the former Miss Circus Circus as a replacement. The "new" U-2 was itself badly damaged at the 1981 UIM World…


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The Pak Is Back - Really!

One of the sport's winningest, most important boats arrives back in Seattle this week.  Dr, Ken Muscatel purchased the 1973 Pay 'N Pak (Atlas Van Lines, Miss Madison) from the Dave Bartush collection in Detroit. The famous hull make a brief appearance before being moved Ken's Burien shop today. Ken's plans are to restore the boat to its original Pay 'N Pak livery.…


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Thunderboats Indeed

This is an unreleased military photo taken in the Pacific ocean. Isn't that Billl Muncey in the Thriftway?

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I'm official

Last week I received my official membership card and pin (thanks David), so I feel official.  It's been a couple of months now volunteering each Thursday at the museum helping restore the 1958 Miss Bardahl.  Yes, it's work, but what a great bunch of guys.


I sent an email today to our firm's (Bader Martin, just in case anybody needs a good CPA) event planning committee suggesting they consider renting the facility for our next event.  David, it might be a good idea to add…


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Iconic Hydroplane Makes a Big Move

Here are some links to some photos of the Slo-mo-shun IV being moved from the Museum of History and Industry's Montlake location, Tuesday, April 3, 2012 in Seattle.

Seattle Times Photo Gallery

The Center for Wooden Boats



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Chip Hanauer vs. Jim Kropfeld

Through Them, the Rivalry of Their Mentors Lives On

Reprinted from the Los Angeles Times, September 17, 1986

SAN DIEGO — Bill Muncey vs. Dean Chenoweth. Atlas Van Lines vs. Miss Budweiser.

There were some fierce hydroplane races between those intense rivals in the 1970s and early '80s.

Muncey was the American Power Boat Assn. national champion in 1972, '76, '78 and '79 and is the all-time leading unlimited hydroplane racer with 62…


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Driving On the Fragile Line Between Life and Death

He's Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected in the Most Dangerous Game of Hydroplane Racing

Reprinted from the Los Angeles Times, September 09, 1985

SEATTLE — The deaths of boat racers Jerry Bangs and Bill Muncey gave Chip Hanauer the opportunity he needed to become the No. 1 driver of unlimited hydroplanes.

When Bangs was killed on Lake Washington in 1977, Hanauer was chosen to replace him. He was 22, a weekend racer, a schoolteacher with a…


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Moving The "Grand Old Lady"

As many of you know, Seattle's Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) has long been the home of the Slo-mo-shun IV, unlimited hydoplane racing's "Grand Old Lady". Well, MOHAI is moving from it's long time location at McCurdy Park, near the University of Washington, to the Naval Reserve Armory Building at Lake Union Park.

Slo-mo’s radical…


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What were they thinking?

Unlike what has been seen in Formula 1 car racing, Indianapolis car racing, NASCAR, or Limited class boat racing, Unlimited hydroplane racing has brought out many unique and very unusual designs. Clear, not all of these worked as hoped, but they sure made things interesting, and often advanced the state of the technology.


Renown aerodynamicist Doug Ford…


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First visit

Completed my first visit to HARM on Saturday, met lots of great people, and signed up to work with the restoration crews.

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Thunder On The Bay

Biscayne's waters shivered to the opening of the unlimited-hydroplane racing season as a new winged marauder called 'Pay 'n Pak' awed and eventually overcame Bill Muncey, the suffering 1972 champion.

By Dan Levin

Reprinted from Sports Illustrated, May 23, 1973.

The noise of the big boats set knees and spines humming Sunday in Miami's Marine Stadium, but the shock waves were even more intense. Out on the roiled water of Biscayne Bay a…


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Help Restore Bill Muncey's Atlas Van Lines

Join the Blue Blaster Booster Club and help restore Bill Muncey's Atlas Van Lines.

Dues are $100.00 per membership. These funds go directly to help the current Atlas Van Lines restoration project.


Membership benefits include:

  • Dynamic Blast From The Past BBBC membership tee-shirt.
  • Exclusive BBBC membership…

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4th Annual R/C Model Show

The 4th Annual Roger Newton Memorial scale model unlimited hydroplane show will be held at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in Kent, Washington on Saturday, February 11th from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

Admission is just $5.00 for the general public and is free to all Museum members. A pizza lunch will be available.

Come and learn about the exciting sport of scale model unlimited hydroplane racing from some of the nation's best model builders. Over 50 of these beautiful…


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